Swedish Massage
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Swedish Massage

Swedish massage was first created by Henri Peter Ling at the University of Stockholm, hence its title, and is the most popular type of massage therapy. Swedish massage incorporates a number of movements that have specific benefits.

Whilst this type of massage is very relaxing and provides all the usual massage benefits, Swedish massage helps break down adipose tissue (the cause of cellulite) due to the stimulating movements employed. A visible improvement in the appearance of cellulite can be gained with regular sessions and a healthy dietary regime.

There are a variety of electrical appliances available that create similar effects to manual massage. These treatments may be combined with manual massage to enhance the effect achieved.

Gyratory vibratory massage is a hand-held electrical body massage device which provides a deep stimulating massage by producing heat and friction. This massage treatment is often used to soften adipose tissue improving the appearance of cellulite, stimulating the lymphatic system and reducing water retention. This is commonly used on the thighs, gluteals, abdomen and upper arms.

Audio sonic is a hand-held electrical vibratory machine which creates sound waves as the machine head passes over the body, penetrating several centimetres into the skin. The sound waves gently compress and decompress the soft tissue and have an extremely therapeutic effect on the body without irritating the surface of the skin. This technique is commonly used to relax tight, tense muscles and fibrous nodules trapped in the trapezius muscles.

Infra-red systems can be utilised to heat up skin tissues and painful muscles to provide a deeper massage effect. This works by stimulating nerve endings to relieve pain and can be used on any painful areas on the body except the face.

These treatments may be recommended to you by your therapist depending on what they feel would be of the most benefit to you.

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Swedish Massage Price List
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Swedish Full Body Massage

60 minutes

Swedish Full Body & Head Massage

75 minutes

Swedish Neck, Shoulders & Back Massage

40 minutes

Swedish Leg & Arm Massage

40 minutes

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